Corrections Policy

In reporting, missteps can and do happen significantly after the utilization of due tirelessness strategies. At SidhiKhabar, we don't stop for a second to recognize them and react when brought to our notification.

SidhiKhabar Fact Check revises mistakes as fast as could be expected under the circumstances and with significant levels of straightforwardness. On the off chance that the revision is clear, we mark the amendment inside 24 hours of being brought up.

Be that as it may, if the rectification includes further examination or connecting with individuals for their responses, the adjustment may take as long as 72 hours. We esteem criticism from our perusers, which can be posted in the remarks segment toward the finish of each story, video or post. A solicitation for an adjustment or an update in a story can likewise be sent to

In the event that there is a significant revision or a meaningful change which alters the rating of a report, it is conspicuously set apart as "Amendment'' at the top, and we plainly show the change, with data on why the change was fundamental. This gives a reasonable, straightforward history to each adjustment.

On the off chance that another reality becomes visible after a story is distributed, data that includes significant new layers or points yet doesn't adjust the rating, it is set apart as "Update" toward the finish of the article.

Adjustments in typographical mistakes, incorrect spellings, syntactic blunders or minor changes which are not viewed as noteworthy by editors are not typically noted.