Fact Checking Policy

  1. The SidhiKhabar.com is focused on putting forth a valiant effort to distribute exact data over the entirety of its substance. We find a way to guarantee precision: We examine claims with doubt; question presumptions; and challenge tried and true way of thinking.
  2. We are focused on accomplishing due exactness in the entirety of its yield. This dedication is crucial to our notoriety and the trust of crowds. The term 'due' implies that the exactness must be sufficient and fitting to the yield, assessing the subject and nature of the substance and unequivocally notice/underline any limitation that may impact that desire.
  3. This implies our entire yield, as suitable to its substance and nature, must be all around sourced, in light of accessible proof, and authenticated. We endeavor to be straightforward and open about what we don't have the foggiest idea and maintain a strategic distance from unwarranted theory.
  4. Our writers never steal purposely or twist realities or setting, including visual data intentionally.
  5. We look for autonomous check from sources to affirm claims, data and allegation particularly those made by open authorities or anybody with a plan past just announcing reality. Cases, claims, material realities and other substance that can't be certified are regularly being credited.
  6. The SidhiKhabar stands by the data it distributes and considers it be precise. Whenever demonstrated else, we change the news thing/data as fast as could reasonably be expected. We don't intentionally and physically misdirect our audience. We don't twist realities or present developed material as realities that can subvert our viewers' trust in our substance. We recognize genuine accurate blunders and right them rapidly, unmistakably and fittingly.
  7. We give a reasonable chance to people in general to report any mistakes or blunders in our reportage by means of 'Propose A Correction' area that shows up toward the finish of each web-story that is distributed.
  8. Our columnists' essential duty is revealing, composing, and certainty checking stories. Stories are liable to survey by at least one editor. SidhiKhabar has a staggered certainty checking structure for stories that require due constancy. The rank of editors who audit a story preceding distribution shifts on a scope of variables, including unpredictability, affectability, and the weight of time.